Max McCance

technorganic woodwork and furniture maker

As a leading exponent of ‘technorganic’ design, the work of Max McCance draws inspiration from naturally occurring shapes, patterns and forms.

Max was raised and educated in Glasgow. In 1981 he moved to Italy, to study furniture, sculpture, and design, eventually setting up his own studio in Tuscany. In the late 1980s he travelled and worked in the USA before returning to Scotland to establish his present workshop and gallery.

Located in the beautiful North East Fife countryside, next to Birnie Loch Nature Reserve, his workshop is where he develops and produces all his work. Adjacent to the workshop is the Kinloch Gallery, where many unique pieces are displayed and for sale directly to collectors and the public.

Max loves to welcome visitors to his workshop, where they can see work being made.

‘Most covetable… Ingenious… Splendid.’

The Herald

Recent press

Max’s work has been featured in many publications over the years, including The Sunday Times, Furniture & Cabinetmaking and The Herald.

‘I’m fascinated by overcoming technical problems. I start with the limitations of “table” or “cabinet” and then within those boundaries, see how far I can go with it. I like to push those boundaries. What is a piece of furniture; what is a piece of art? Can the two be combined?’

Max McCance