The Cosmos Cabinet


Fumed oak

Dimensions: 91cm x 43cm x 16cm

There is no light pollution near my home, and this results in incredible views of the night sky. This work grew from thinking about the vastness of the heavens, and from watching for the aurora borealis on a frosty winter night.

The Cosmos Cabinet draws its imagery from some of the pictures recently sent back from the Hubble telescope. The door is composed of sixty-eight pieces, each one carefully marked out and sawn, then spoke shaved and individually sanded into shape by hand. When they are all put together, they form a pattern.

When I make a cabinet, I want the inside to be as perfectly executed as the outside, so that it is always a pleasurable surprise to open the door and see inside. There are two birch wood shelves which are both adjustable.

‘I am influenced by science and the natural world, from the galactic scale to the subatomic. I also like exploring the possibilities of mathematical sequences, and geometrical progressions in particular, to uncover the possibilities of the spiral, through endless variations.’

Max McCance