The Pulsar Cabinet



Dimensions: 140cm x 80cm x 44cm

Many of the people who collect my work are scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and medical professionals, who see in my work reflections of their own deep engagement with the natural world and the possibilities offered up by the scientific life.

The Pulsar Cabinet is based on a print-out of the pattern made by radio waves from a pulsar, famously seen on the iconic cover for Joy Division’s 1979 Unknown Pleasures album. The door of this drinks cabinet is a stylised version of that graphic. This data visualisation results in a surface that is filled with spikes and dips, like ocean waves or the pattern left behind on sand after it is washed by the sea.

‘I am influenced by science and the natural world, from the galactic scale to the subatomic. I also like exploring the possibilities of mathematical sequences, and geometrical progressions in particular, to uncover the possibilities of the spiral, through endless variations.’

Max McCance