The Sylvan Table


Oak and bubinga

Dimensions: 58cm x 60cm x 41cm

The idea for The Sylvan Table came to me when I found myself walking through a forest which had been clear-felled. I noticed all these semi-circular sections of tree, which were the wedges that had been removed in order to fell the trees. In this table, I wanted to create an abstract representation of trees, standing at different angles, which incorporated the wedge shape I’d seen on the forest floor. I then emphasised some of the wedge shapes with bubinga wood.

‘So many things in nature grow in a spiral. The mediaeval Italian mathematician, Fibonacci, gave us the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, which yield what is known as the Golden Ratio. This ratio describes every spiral that we find in nature, from nautilus shells and pinecones, to spiral galaxies. The exploration of the possibilities yielded by such mathematical sequences is often reflected in my work.’

Max McCance